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Online Personal Success Mastery Workshops and Schedule

Mastering Personal Success Workshops

The Mastering Personal Success Workshops offer "ONLINE," "In-Classroom," "At Your Location," or ONE-On-ONE skill-building training formats to meet your personal success and life coaching needs to help make your dreams a reality.

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Interactive, Tool-based Learning Sessions

You will use a wide range of "hands-on" resources and tools during our training sessions to tailor and design a comprehensive strategy that will help you reach your goals. Our tools range from books, templates, and worksheets to tracking online tracking displays and dashboards that will help you stay focused and engaged throughout your Success Development journey.

Our sessions are delivered in flexible formats such as Saturday, Evenings, During the Day, Recorded, etc. to meet your dynamic scheduling requirements.

What are Online Personal Success Mastery Sessions?

There is no need to travel or even go into the office with our online format.

The sessions are interactive and personal. You can ask questions and receive on the spot coaching and responses.

You are guided through step-by-step skill development exercises and use tools during the session you can immediately implement afterward. You have the opportunity to address your personal challenges or issues during the session and receive instant alternatives, solutions as well as proven plans of action.

Master Catalog

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We Offer Over 145 E-Learning Courses

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Individual Success

Workshops, Webinars, And Online Coaching Sessions

Live, or Recorded, or One-on-One skill-building webinars are offered via the Internet. A brief list of topics include:

  • self-improvement,
  • career goals alignment,
  • personal relationship strategies, and
  • strategies to build a "Wealth-Enhancement" mindset and concrete Action Plan.
  • And much, much more...

We offer these programs to help you discover and foster what is truly important to you.

Everyone utilizes different approaches when overcoming obstacles. Whether this entails moving past personal issues, navigating career goals and issues, shedding unwanted emotional baggage, getting rid of limiting beliefs, or changing negative behaviors, our workshops and webinars will help you build a foundation and system that enables you to create a proven, practical plan for success!

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Publications and Certifications

Our founder and chief principal, Dr.  Edward E Hubbard, has written over 60 business-related books, research articles, personal success books and articles that teach effective personal change management strategies that produce Results! Dr. Hubbard and other Staff members are certified Practitioners and Master Practitioners (MPNLP) in Life Skills Coaching and/or hold Counseling (MS/MA Degrees and Teaching Credentials as well as Ph.D.s in Business Administration)

We can help you Create the Life You Want and Deserve! A lot depends on what you do next to make it happen.