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Personal Success Impact Program

The Personal Success Coaching Center offers a wide variety of programs to help you create the life you want. Our Personal Success Impact Program (PSIP), for example, is a basic program that is designed to guide and support you with clarifying advice and feedback to turn your insights into concrete actions and results.

We will help you do this by creating the necessary self-awareness that will empower you to make changes in your life, set and achieve your goals
and ensure that your inner life strategy is aligned with your outer life strategy and actions..

To get you started quickly, the first step of the Personal Success Impact Program (PSIP) – is a self-assessment of your life.

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The purpose of the Hubbard Personal Strengths Inventory is to give you a snapshot of your life as a whole and to indicate to you which areas of your life need your attention. In order to know where you want to be, go or achieve, you first need to know where you are in your life right now.

Completing the Hubbard Personal Strengths Inventory then becomes your starting point in the Personal Success Impact Program and serves as a reference for your life as a whole when you embark on this journey of “creating the life you want to live your best life.

Doing your Hubbard Personal Strengths Inventory highlight changes you may need to make in the different life areas to create more balance in your life. It will also indicate those life areas that are screaming for attention and bring the challenges you are having in those life areas into focus for concentrated improvement.

Your next step is to compile a Personal Self-Development Plan. If you sign up for our introductory service, you will receive a step-by-step online toolkit containing two personal development exercises presented in small doses to enhance or build a comprehensive plan for personal success. If you decide to continue, you will receive a set of exercises each month to build a comprehensive, action-oriented plan. Our plans start as low as $9/Month. 

You can add services such as Personal (online) Expert Coaching, Online Webinars/Workshops, Self-Help Books, Self-Assessments, etc. as your goals and interest suggests. You select the personalized strategy to help you "Design Your Life" instead only making a living. Its your choice. We are here to help.

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