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Life Coaching, Personal Success Coaching, Business Coaching and Team/Group Facilitation

The Personal Success Coaching Center provides career success coaching, business coaching, and life coaching, to give you the training to get what you want out of life. We will help empower you to make fundamental shifts to achieve your dreams.

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to Dance in the Rain"

Our approach will allow you to create your next level success, more money, better health, more time, improved goal clarity and more fun.

We offer several types of development programming for success. For example, we offers several distinct Efficacy and Empowerment Workshops for Corporate audiences and Public Consumers (Individuals):

Member Subscription Fee:

Only $ 49/year (Regular Price: $110/year)

Limited Time Offer: Enroll Today and Receive 2 FREE 30 Minute Coaching Sessions and a Success Toolkit (a $400 Value)

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Come join us at our Public and ONLINE Personal Success workshops.

Why Attend:

Benefits to Attending Personal Success Workshops:

  • Move Beyond merely making a living to Designing Your Life using a Toolbox jammed packed with resources to help you make it happen!
  • Create or expand your vision for your life.
  • Set big goals or recommit to the ones you already have.
  • Focus on writing an action plan to achieve your goals.
  • Move past fear and stop letting it hold you back.
  • Learn to recover from past mistakes, bad decisions and disappointment to revitalize yourself.
  • Find the support – and a community – of success minded people.
  • Get practical strategies to advance your career.
  • Gain knowledge on building financial wealth.
  • Understand how to start or grow your own business.
  • Turn on Your Engine for Wealth Creation to create a Practical Plan for Building Personal Wealth in All Areas of Your Life.

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The Personal Success
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Hubbard& Hubbard, Inc.


Learn how to take charge of your Goals,
your Life and your Destiny!

Mastering Secrets of
Personal Success

"Tools to Create the Life You Want"

Dr. Edward E Hubbard

Mastering Secrets of Personal Success  

Dr. Edward E Hubbard, author of more than 60 books. These books will change your life. It offers a model for learning how to recognize and create sustainable change in your life. It provides a method to "de-construct" the elements of personal success and "chunk them down" into practical, manageable components in a step-by-step fashion. It is structured to help you create actions that will drive measurable changes in your life. It is the combination of these actions that support you in producing the outcomes and results you want.

A Powerful Resource designed to help you create "Excellence", Meaning , and Fulfillment in your life!

When we are born, we do not come out with a preloaded software manual that automatically tells us as owners and operators how to use our brain in the most effective way. This book is designed to take you on a "how-to", skills-based journey in the study of your mind. It is designed to help you create "Excellence", Meaning, and Fulfillment in your life. It will help you discover the "secrets of personal success" to develop practical, concrete tools to master the power of your mind. These Secrets are the mechanisms that drive your beliefs and the decisions you make. It is the effective use of this instruction set which ultimately produces the results you achieve which place you on the road to your destiny and the life you want.

You will explore some of the rules that govern your mind and emotions, how you build excellence and expertise, how to overcome complacency and limiting beliefs, and how to use the mind-muscle connection that enables you to translate "concepts" into practical, everyday actions, and much more. This book is designed to help you cultivate personal mastery over your mind and emotions to produce the level of personal success you desire in mastering your business and career goals, your health and fitness objectives, wealth and financial goals, your relationships or wherever you'd like to apply that mastery.

Click on the following link to..... 

Order Here for Your Paperback Copy Now!
Price: $19.95

Click Here to Order Your Mastering Secrets of Personal Success as an "e-Book" from

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Chapters at a Glance

If mastering personal success was quick and easy, we would see more people at this capability level. The truth is that "mastery takes effort, devotion, and unyielding passion to change your life's status quo. If you don't have this level of drive to change your life, who will?

The following chapters of the book will help you build skills and immediately APPLY what you learn to generate results!

Chapter 1: "An Introduction to Personal Success Mastery: Taking Charge of Your Mind, Your Life, and Your Destiny" explains why self-mastery is important, its benefits, and what you can expect to learn.

Chapter 2: "Who Am I and Who Do I Want to Become?" explains the importance of "self-awareness" and having an honest, accurate inventory of your personal qualities, skills, capabilities, thoughts, feelings and weakness. It outlines some critical knowledge, skills and insights to create lasting change in your life. It will give you a "peek" behind the curtain of your "mental software" and identify powerful techniques for using it.

Chapter 3: "How to Get Motivated" outlines what gets us motivated and explains three Motives for change as well as how to use them for success.

Chapter 4: "Getting Rid of Limiting Beliefs, Fears, and Phobias" guides you through the processes to master the power of your belief systems and the tools to handle Fears and Phobias to reduce or eliminate their impact on your life.

Chapter 5: "Creating a Compelling Future" will help you build a vision for your future that empowers you to take action towards accomplishing it. It will take you through a "step-by-step" process to create a "well-formed outcome" which provides clarity to reach your mission or purpose.

Chapter 6: "Using Guiding Beliefs and Values to Drive Your Power of Intention, Adoption, Direction, and Impact" guides you through specific strategies to identify your "intent", your willingness to "adopt" (apply and integrate) as well as drive your actions in a specific direction with impact to integrate the new skills as part of your daily behavior. 

Chapter 7: "Strategies to Achieve Your Goals" contains detailed processes and strategies to deal with life while in the middle of working on your life goals. It provides critical questions to analyze how well your implementation strategies are working, what to do if they are not working well, and techniques to keep them aligned with your goals and purpose. 

Chapter 8: "Enhancing Self-Confidence" outlines "quick techniques" you can put in motion to enhance self-confidence and avoid becoming demotivated and derailed. 

Chapter 9: "Relationships - Building Rapport and Gaining Trust with Others" explains some key requirements to build effective communications with another person built on a foundation of trust. 

Chapter 10: "Creating Your Financial Future" offers proven approaches that help produce better financial strategies. This chapter reals some of the myths about money as well as provides strategies to generate a financial base. It will help you create the richness of fulfillment in your life which extends well beyond money. 

Chapter 11: Achieving and Sustaining Peak Performance completes the book with a discussion of the essential ingredients needed to sustain your progress over time and avoid running out of steam.

Author's Spotlight

President and CEO of Hubbard& Hubbard, Inc., Dr. Hubbard

President and CEO of Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc., Dr. Edward E Hubbard is internationally recognized and respected in the field of human performance and self-development.

Sample Success Secret....

"In order to change your life, you must first start by changing your mind and the actions you take,"

-- Dr. Hubbard

Become a Sponsor of a Mastering Success Personal Workshop

President and CEO of Hubbard& Hubbard, Inc., Dr. Hubbard Speaking

Call (707) 481-2268(707) 481-2268 for Details.......

Sample Success Secret....

You have control over only 3 things in your life:

1. The Thoughts you think
2. The Images you visualize
3. The Actions you take (Your behavior)

How you use these 3 things determines everything you experience.

--See The Hubbard Belief Destiny Cycle

This Book will help you.....

  • Enhance the Speed of your Career Development
  • Create Successful Personal Wealth and Financial Independence Strategies
  • Build Self-Empowerment Skills
  • Create Stronger Family Relationships
  • Develop a more Fulfilling, Meaningful Life
  • Improve Your Goal Accomplishment Success
  • Remove Limiting Beliefs and Barriers that Stall Progress
  • Build Motivation and Self-Confidence
  • And Much, Much, More....

This Book is a Great for.....

  • Self-Development
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
  • Association Members Who Want to Get Ahead in Life
  • Airport Book Readers
  • Vacation Book Readers
  • Parents
  • New High School & College Grads,
  • Young Adults: Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Adults Re-Entering the Workforce or School Who Want to Re-Design their Life
  • Moms & Dads Who Want to Create a Better Life for Themselves and their Family
  • Birthday Gifts
  • And Much, Much, More....

The Personal Success Coaching Center

Design Break

If you would like to receive our FREE Personal SUCCESS IMPACT Newsletter and other Resources, drop us note with your name and email at:

For Public (Individual) Consumers, we offer efficacy and personal empowerment programs such as our "Revitalize!" program.

The Personal Success Coaching Center provides personal coaching and life coaching, to give you the training to get what you want out of life. We will help empower you to make fundamental shifts to achieve your dreams. Our approach will allow you to create your next level success, more money, better health, more time, improved goal clarity and more fun.

We offer several types of development programming for success. For example, we offers several distinct Efficacy and Empowerment Workshops for Corporate audiences and Public Consumers (Individuals):

For Public (Individual) Consumers, we offer efficacy and personal empowerment programs such as our "Revitalize!" program. This information-packed workshop will walk you step-by-step through the concepts, application exercises, and implementation plans covering every stage of the following Person Success Process to design or redesign your life to achieve your goals:

Employee Success Development Strategies

This workshop focuses on VisionExcellencePersonal Empowerment and Mastering ChangeBuilding RelationshipsCreating Wealth, Other Public sessions include:

Personal Coaching

  • Helping you achieve your goals
  • Increasing overall fulfillment
  • Feeling more confident
  • Overcoming personal barriers to success
  • And much more...


  • Learn Practical Strategies to Improve Your Teaching Effectiveness
  • Learn How to Build a "Personal Zone of Excellence" Everytime You Teach
  • Learn Student Engagement Strategies that Improve Their Performance and Yours
  • And much more...


  • Improving Communications Within Families (Life Skills for Teens, Person-to-Person Conflicts, Preparing for College, Achieving Family-focused goals, Reducing Stress, etc.)
  • Learn How to Create Effective Criteria to Find a Suitable Partner
  • And much more...


  • Learn Skills to Improve Your Focus
  • Overcome and Eliminate Bad Performance Anxieties
  • Develop Skills to Feel Confident, and Overcome Nerves
  • Master Skills to Conduct Mental Rehersal/Visualization that Help You Consistently Achieve Your Goals
  • And much more...

Personal Success Impact Program

The Personal Success Coaching Center offers a wide variety of programs to help you create the life you want. Our Personal Success Impact Program (PSIP), for example, is a basic program that is designed to guide and support you with clarifying advice and feedback to turn your insights into concrete actions and results.

We will help you do this by creating the necessary self-awareness that will empower you to make changes in your life, set and achieve your goals and ensure that your inner life strategy is aligned with your outer life strategy and actions..

To get you started quickly, the first step of the Personal Success Impact Program (PSIP) – is a self-assessment of your life.

This is our GIFT TO YOU! Register and complete your Hubbard Personal Strengths Inventory FREE!

The purpose of the Hubbard Personal Strengths Inventory is to give you a snapshot of your life as a whole and to indicate to you which areas of your life need your attention. In order to know where you want to be, go or achieve, you first need to know where you are in your life right now.

Completing the Hubbard Personal Strengths Inventory then becomes your starting point in the Personal Success Impact Programand serves as a reference for your life as a whole when you embark on this journey of “creating the life you want to live your best life.

Click Here to begin your Personal Success Program

For Employees, we offer programs such as the following:

Corporate Programs:

  • "Employee Success Development Strategies" program

Employee Success Development Strategies

This workshop focuses on VisionExcellencePersonal EmpowermentManaging Personal Interactions, and Mastering Change. Other Corporate sessions include:


  • Team and Group Faciliation
  • 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring
  • Career Development Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution Coaching
  • Increase Sales Skills Performance and Results
  • Build Personal Leadership Strategies to Successfully Manage People
  • Develop Consultative Customer Relationship Skills that Produce Results
  • Maintaining Confidence and Focus During Negotiations
  • Build Strategies to Deal with Difficult People
  • Mastering Team-building Techniques
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Creating Personal Strategies to Deliver Successful Presentations
  • Learn Strategies to Work Across Cultures and Generational Differences
  • Build a "Results Mindset" for Interviews that Works
  • Master Creative Problem Solving Skills
  • Improved Decision-making
  • And much more...

Team/Group Facilitation

We also provide Team/Group facilitation to help teams and groups clarify their outcomes and generate actionable plans that produce results. A major part of the consulting services we offer includes a coaching and facilitation process to guide organizational teams and groups to achieve strategic outcomes.

Advantages and Benefits of the Personal Success Coaching

Advantages and benefits of the Personal Success Coaching Center's facilitation process are:

-- Our facilitation process is designed to guide the group's process of working together such that they are able to effectively meet their goals and accomplish what they set out to do.
-- We work with teams to design their outcomes to demonstrate Return-on Investment (ROI) for their project plans and initiatives.
-- We help teams generate step-by-step action plans that are easy to implement and demonstrate measurable value-added to the organization.
-- Our facilitation process helps teams define and build well-formed specific outcomes that produce measurable results. 

Advantages and Benefits of the Personal Success Coaching

The Personal Success Coaching Center utilizes three key principles in its facilitation process:

1. As a facilitator and guide, we help people move through a process together and are not the seat of wisdom and knowledge. Our role is not to give opinions but to draw out opinions of the group members to foster an inclusive environment to produce creative and innovative ideas.

2. Our facilitation process focuses on "how" people participate and contribute in the process of planning not on just what gets achieved.

3. Our facilitators are neutral and never take sides. We help groups and teams stay focused on the objectives to be achieved.

Our facilitation practices includes things like:

-- Making sure everyone feels comfortable participating
-- Developing a structure that allows for everyone's ideas to be heard
-- Making members feel good about their contribution to the meeting and process
-- Making sure the group feels that the ideas and decisions are theirs, not just the leader's. Supporting everyone's ideas and not criticizing anyone for what they've said.

Our Story and Style

With more than 37 years of experience providing mentoring, coaching, facilitation services and life skills seminars, we have developed processes and systems that include theory, science, and concrete, practical applications you can implement immediately! We have helped others and will work with you to change your life toward the direction you want.

We don't believe in magic bullets to bring happiness and fulfillment. We create and work with strategies that are readily understandable and can be implemented quickly to bring immediate results.

Wherever you happen to be in life, and whatever challenges you’re facing right now, the Personal Success Coaching Center has the step-by-step guidance, personal support, accountability, and resources to help you and/or your team get to where you want to be in the easiest, quickest way possible. You can have a personal advisor to help clarify and uncover options for improved decision-making and success!

Think of any person you consider to be a success. More than likely, at some point in their journey, they had a Mentor and/or a Life Coach, someone who helped them develop and/or clarify the insights they needed to achieve the outcomes they wanted. Life coaching gets results whether you’re...

  • Looking to excel in your career (or start a new one),
  • Building team/group planning and decision making skills for measurable results,
  • Creating more fulfilling relationships,
  • Unlocking financial abundance, or want to,
  • Just finding your life purpose and discovering how to live a happy, fulfilled life,

The Personal Success Coaching Center Life coaching can be the key to transforming your dreams into reality. We are here to help you change your life for the better and help clarify choices that produce the outcomes that are important to you. We can also help your team or group navigate critical decision-making steps to generate measurable outcomes for success!
We Provide:

Character Using Megaphone

  • Online Personal Coaching Services
  • In-Person and Online Group/Team Facilitation Services
  • Online Life Skills Management Coaching
  • Online and Manual Personal Improvement Assessments

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  • Online Personal Performance Improvement Workshops / Webinars
  • Online Mentoring and Career Advancement Services
  • 24/7 On-Your Schedule Learning On-Demand Sessions

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  • Online Resources & Networking
  • Online Vision, Goal Setting, Planning, and Success Monitoring Strategies Tools
  • Online Bookstore, Self-Help Tools and Resource Center

Our tools, processes and services are affordablepractical, and results-focused. Ask about our 24/7 "Online, On-Demand Self-Directed Development" Sessions that will "jump-start" your journey on your schedule taking concrete steps towards your goals!

We have helped our clients/customers create and implement development and learning resources, as well as offer web-based products that enable us to deliver individualized development programs that produce RESULTS! We have proven strategies that are evidenced by changes in our customers and the success they have achieved.

Encompassing professional human resource management and creative planning, the programs we use are professionally tested and packaged to deliver the best and most creative solutions to individuals and businesses. We want to help you make the strides and changes in life that will stick with you throughout your journey. Don't delay your success any longer, CALL NOW (877) 595-7119 (877) 595-7119 FREE, We Can Help!

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CALL: (877) 595-7119
(877) 595-7119 FREE

Recognition & Education: Our coaches hold PhDs in Business Administration | Certified Master Practitioner in Neuroscience/ Coaching/ Counseling/ Training


  • International Society for Performance and Improvement (ISPI)
  • International Society for Diversity and Inclusion Professionals (ISDIP)
  • International Association of Diversity & Inclusion ROI Professionals
  • Jay Richardson Foundation
  • Ohio State Alumni Association
  • Association for Training & Development (ATD)

Service Area: Worldwide

Hours: Monday–Saturday, 9 a.m.–4 p.m. MST